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Aaron Hotchner is played by Thomas Gibson

Character's backstory: Was a Federal Prosecuter before deciding to become a Federal Agent with the BAU. He is recently Divorced from Halie, has a son named Jack. His dad died of lung cancer when he was young, he has a brother named Shaun who is a chef in New York City.

Occupation: FBI Profiler

Personality type: Broody, Strong, Independant, a Leader

Signature look: Suit and tie

Endearing trait(s): Drill Seargeant

Annoying trait(s): None

Aaron Hotchner


Family members: Halie, Jack, Shaun

Romance(s): None Recently

Friends: His team mates

Enemies: Seriel killers


  • I catch killers, I save lives, I'm a hero until my key hits my front door, and than I'm just the father and the husband who is never there."
  • Jessica "Your holding him like a canteloupe", Hotchner: "Why? you think you can do better? here you go, smarty pants. (baby quites down in her arms) Hotchner "Fine. lets see you profile a disorganized phsychopath."

  • Greenway: "I may have something. Barbara Keller was having some trouble insuring coins she bought. THe insurance company thought they might be fake. Hotchner: So the insurance company is blowing up annoying clients?"

  • Vincent: Some people? Hotchner: Whats that? Vincent: you said some people grow up to become killers. Hotchner: ....And some people grow up to catch them.

  • "Sometimes what we do is every bit as powerful as what we don't do."
Aaron Hotchner

Aaron Hotchner and Emily Prentiss

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